Lot Control and Traceability

Why Lot Control and Traceability Module ?

Our Lot Control and Traceability module provides end-to-end visibility and traceability of products, enabling you to track and manage batches or lots throughout the supply chain. You can monitor expiration dates, track product recalls, and ensure compliance with industry regulations, thereby enhancing product safety and customer satisfaction.

Our Lot Control and Traceability module offers comprehensive features to track, manage, and trace product lots throughout the supply chain. By enabling efficient lot creation and assignment, lot tracking, lot genealogy, shelf-life management, quality control and recall management, compliance with regulatory requirements, real-time inventory visibility, and integration with other modules, our module empowers your organization to ensure product quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. 

Lot control and traceability are critical aspects of managing product quality, ensuring compliance, and facilitating efficient recall processes. Our Lot Control and Traceability module provides comprehensive features to track and manage product lots throughout the supply chain. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of our module:

Explore the key features and benefits of our this module

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Key Benefits of Lot Control and Traceability Module

Lot Creation & Assignment

Lot Creation & Assignment

  • Create unique lot numbers
  • Maintain detailed lot records
  • Include production and expiration dates
  • Capture manufacturing location data
  • Record associated raw materials
  • Establish traceability from production stage
Lot Tracking

Lot Tracking

  • Track lots through supply chain stages
  • Monitor lot-specific information
  • Including storage conditions, transit times
  • Ensure product quality and integrity
  • Identify origin, movement, current location
  • Essential for efficient supply chain management
Lot Genealogy

Lot Genealogy

  • Establish parent-child lot relationships
  • Trace product origin and components
  • Provide complete supply chain history
  • Particularly useful for complex manufacturing
  • Essential for assembled or serialized products
  • Enables efficient supply chain management
Shelf-Life Management

Shelf-Life Management

  • Define shelf life parameters
  • Track remaining shelf life per lot
  • Ensure products are used before expiration
  • Minimize waste, ensure customer satisfaction
  • Shelf life management for perishable products
  • Essential for industries with limited shelf life
Quality Control & Recall Management

Quality Control & Recall Management

  • Crucial for quality control and recalls
  • Quickly identify affected lots
  • Trace distribution of affected lots
  • Initiate recall processes promptly
  • Minimize impact on customers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
Compliance & Regulations Overview

Compliance & Regulations Overview

  • Ensures compliance with regulations
  • Provides accurate product information
  • Facilitates audits and inspections
  • Meets stringent regulatory requirements
  • Critical for pharmaceutical, food, medical sectors
  • Tracks origin, components, and handling data
Real-time Inventory Visibility

Real-time Inventory Visibility

  • Real-time visibility into inventory levels
  • Track status of individual lots accurately
  • Determine availability and locations of lots
  • Optimize inventory management processes
  • Efficiently fulfill customer orders
  • Minimize stockouts and excess inventory
Integration with Other Modules

Integration with Other Modules

  • ERP integration enhances module effectiveness
  • Integrates with Procurement, Sales, Quality
  • Ensures data consistency
  • Facilitates end-to-end visibility
  • Streamlines processes, eliminates duplicates
  • Enhances operational efficiency